PEMF4000 is DEAD!


We are writing this as a group of former sales affiliates of the company Lemuria Technologies LLC, maker of the PEMF4000. As you may know by now the device is no longer available, the warranty for the device,
which you definitely need for this prone to fail unit, will obviously no longer be honored.
The owner and CEO of the LLC, Bruce Gelerter decided end of 2014 to move, almost over night to Malaysia to start a new production for a more reliable and more professional PEMF4000 model with the money he made of selling the malfunctioning PEMF4000 (see his email below) to you.

Also, he does not respond to customer calls, who want their device fixed or refunded, he starts promoting his new device with suspicious and scam emails. We can only recommend to stay far away from anything that comes from him. But take not only our word for that, feel free to google him and Lemuria Technologies and see for your self.

This latest email from him (see below) to former customers is actually the proof and his confession, that he knew this device was not made for what it's sold for. In our opinion a Class-Action Case waiting to happen. He should not only refund the money, he should provide you with the new and improved device at no cost, after all  YOU already paid for it to begin with. Your purchase of the beta model made it possible to build this one.

For any refund, replacement or warranty issues please contact him at

Bruce Gelerter 719-287-4717

His last known address is

54, Jalan Puteri 12/2
Bandar Puteri
Puchong Selan 47100

Although we do have word that he may have moved to Chang Mai in Thailand
the latest was Englewood in Colorado

here is the latest of his emails:

From: Bruce<''>
Date: May 29, 2015, 2:01:42 PM
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: If your PEMF 4000 keeps breaking you must be making money...

And, we have a solution for that! Let me explain.

Since my last letter I was overwhelmed with responses from doctors who love the results they get with patients but are troubled by their unit’s frequent trips to the repair center. 

At first, we were boggled by the number of repairs we were receiving. And now, after interviewing so many customers, we understand what happened.

You see, PEMF 4000 (more specifically, the spark gap inside of PEMF 4000) was originally designed for patients who use it in their home for short periods of time. Maybe one session a day, several times per week.

Clinical use demands more. Much more. The PEMF 4000’s spark gap simply can’t hold up to treating multiple patients an hour, 8+ hours a day. That said, we still honor our warranty. We can replace the same spark gap for free, endlessly, if that’s what you want.

But if you want clinical performance your patients can count on then you want our newest device, PEMF Quanta.

Quanta feels the same as PEMF 4000, it gets the same results, and its fully compatible with the same accessories. The real difference is:

1) The spark gap is designed to handle the rigors of clinical use without breaking a sweat. It’s military spec. Works at 11,000ft! And provides over 1 million pulses before requiring service.

2) It is beautiful like a piece of high-end audio equipment - a sharp and professional addition to any clinic. Its redesigned to be easily used on a cart or desk top. And it is easy to travel with thanks to its wheels, telescoping handle, and now international power compatibility as well!

3) It pulses more quietly and the session adjustments are more precise. Which means you can control pulse speed and intensity separately. Achieve finer-tuned sessions. And reproduce the same session settings far more easily.

You can visit our website www.LemuriaTechnologies com/PEMF-Quanta to see all the benefits!

Right now we are running a special exclusively for good customers, like you, who use PEMF 4000 for their patients and need the clinical features.

We are offering to give you 100% value on your PEMF 4000 purchase when you upgrade to Quanta! Here’s how it works:

You paid $10,000 for your PEMF 4000. PEMF Quanta costs $18,000. The difference is $8,000 - so that’s all you have to pay to upgrade.

And for just $2,000 down you can finance the rest through our partner, Wells Fargo. Very low interest rates. No penalties for early payment. And flexible - negotiate a deal that works for you.page1image23488

This is the best I can do to help you continue making good money with PEMF. Please call me on my private cell number 435-225-1308 and I’ll get you started.

Bruce Gelerter - CEO
Lemuria Technologies, LLC